Let's Go!

                                                For you, who must feel the pain
                            of this absence too

It’s a sharp august dusk
and I say to you all,
now I am sadder than ever.
Perhaps nobody knows
as you do, my love,
now that I’m only
a long succession of cries
inside you.

Far away,
who blows they have broken my joy
in your body,
still they can’t understand my hands
that so suddenly ripped
the dark wind from your face.

They don’t want
my rivers
to flow in you
They don’t like
your wings
to fly to me.
They want to ignore
the gesture of your lips
and they’ve put a dark cross
on the name you love
to repeat
over the planet.

But, love,
they cannot erase your heart
in the far away depths of your breast
as it beats my tenderness.

They can’t, love,
tear you from the heights
you live in my eyes.

They can’t my love,
Rip you out of my life
Because, like the sea
I too keep something of your name
in me.