Let's Go!

                                To you, who will ask afterwards
                                Everyone for my footsteps.

No one but you
did I wish to raise in my songs,
surround with all my tenderness,
bend down
over her soul
to see
all the rivers pass
and all the winds of her life.

And no one but you
so failed in my hands,
sank so low,
only because someone said,
someone who never really came
out of the shadow,
that of all the men in the world
I was the most vile,
the least suited for you.

Your lips
lacked strength to stay with me,
in a time not yet arrived,
and over whose cross
you’ll cry tomorrow,
when everything returns
to my crazy way of loving you,
mourn broken ship
in the waves now never in your breast.


It is six in the afternoon
on the last day
of the bitterness august of my life,
and nevertheless I write
these wounded scratching
to say goodbye to you.
Loneliness surrounds me
with all its blades.
But it doesn’t matter,
I am still left
with a little moon
in the blind ocean
of the night,
beginning with
your early morning walk.
And let it be known
the high flush of my face,
always directed at your coastal step,
breaks the same
in wind
and in ash.


I’m going
I am no longer
the dry monologue
that cracks in hope.

Now I am the abandoned, the leaf
that falls from the tree
all full of autumn,
and who will feel
for a time to come
the kindly  presence
of that tree.
I’m going,
don’t look for me,
I am gone.

In me, as in the anchor,
everything accustoms itself
to the soft sweet mark
of marine earth,
but there’s no staying
if beyond the bottom of the sea
absence walks transparent.

In me, as in the anchor,
distance then also awakens,
and now only the goodbye remains
as a last gesture
of tenderness
for you.

Goodbye my love,
don’t look for me,
I’m gone.