Abortion is Legalized Murder

By Dean

T hose well meaning and sincere souls who desperately want all abortions to end in this country are torn in the dichotomy between an individual's choice and our public or political rights.

I agree that abortion is no less than the termination of human life, simply because if no intervention occurs in the normal course of a pregnancy, life will reach its intended course in the form of a birth of a child. Yes, abortion is a form of murder, since by the very definition of the word, a life is being terminated willfully, quite apart for the motivation involved. Abortion is legalized murder.

Some women will desire to terminate their child for reasons that seem to valid to them at the time they submit to the procedure. In this country, it is their individual right to privacy that grants them the protection to do so.

Murder sanctioned by law is common in our age. Take for example the murder of soldiers and civilians that occurs during war. The state mobilizes its most violent force to destroy and kill the "enemy", under the auspices of a declaration of war.  War is legalized murder.  

In our present state of morality, it is simply impossible to achieve a hegemony of moral values in society. We can not legislate against war, since other states might engage in a war against us. We can not prohibit abortions, since to do so would endanger the health of women, and would insert the state in an individual's privacy.

However, there is a lack of legislation over the use of this most extreme of measures against the unborn.  Legislation should provide some measure of protection for the life of the unborn, in the same way that safeguards and appeals are provided for criminals convicted to the death penalty.  The death penalty is yet another form of legalized murder.

At the very least, the US Congress should pass a code of reproductive rights which would provide for a  private hearing prior to the procedure.  The right to life of the unborn needs to be protected.  A closed pre-abortion hearing should take place in family court, with both parents present, that would decide on the validity of the planned abortion, and offer counseling or alternatives to the couple if the reason for the abortion is simply frivolous.

Until the time comes when men or women must take a pill in order to induce pregnancy, we will have to deal with this moral dilemma.  The way to minimize abortions is to provide better family planning and access to birth control. Of what use is it to oppose abortions while at the same time prohibit family planning?

Taking violent and intimidating actions against the clinics and their personnel is not helping the cause. Quite the contrary, it shows a callous disregard for human rights and the rule of law, in the name of an intolerant political attitude.

Priests and ministers should keep to their spiritual teachings, focusing on the promotion and salvation of the individual rather than acting politically on this issue.  As each soul evolves, society will also evolve. Religion should not politicize Moral Ethics, and Politics should not individualize them.

January 23, 1997

Ed. November 7, 2003

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