Americans: A Frustrated People.

By Dean

I t has been said that Americans are the most generous people on earth, and the most free. I would agree with that statement, but why is it then that the American people feel so frustrated with their institutions of government and education.

The majority of Americans are tired of hearing one advocate after another on their TV's, proselytizing for one law or another. The truth is that the system is not responsive to the needs to the governed. It is a system which promotes the emasculation of the electorate rather that its empowerment. There is only a brief moment when the people matter, in the moment of pulling the electoral lever. After that, the PC cons take over and turn black into white, change into reaction and hope into despair.

Every change seems to take years to pass, and when the electorate empowers the congress by granting majority to one party, it turns out that nothing much has changed. The same old haggles over whose pork will stay, which bases to close, the NRA as powerful as before. And when bills do pass, they are so complex that it takes a computer with a CD-ROM to read them.

This is not governance, this is a self serving complexopol. What is obviously needed is a more direct way for the people to control the important decisions of the government. To let the people promote laws in the time we are living in, which is real time. The people must be able to vote on a regular basis on the issues, and on the allocation of recourses. There must be more than an electronic town hall, we must have an electronic congress.

Such a congress would promote the most able orators and ideologues, rather than the most astute lawyers. The electoral system must provide for immediate voter registration, vote change over a period of weeks, and above all the security and accountability of each vote cast.

If each individual were to have access to a breakdown of his/her taxes over the previous year, the allocation of the amounts to each of about 40 major categories and any number of specific ones would give an accurate distribution of the public moneys, and the satisfaction that the taxes paid by each individual are spend according to his/her directions. The implementation of such a system is well within the reach of current technology.

Atlanta, GA
April 13, 1993

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