By Dean

A s the millions of years passed in cycles of birth and extinction, Earth has been incapable of maintaining a secure foot on life. Over time, either by design or by some external space event, life has reached a point of extinction, in cycles which are now becoming apparent to the Paleontologists.

Our Human existence is by no means guaranteed, since due to cataclysmic events we too could perish in an extinction.

The solution is to create a DNA bank in a space station. The 144,000 most beneficial Humans would provide either tissue samples, semen or eggs to be stored in the Life Archive at the space station.

We must also store the DNA for all known species on the planet, not only for the event of a cataclysmic extinction, but also for the preserve every species. Every species has a purpose in the eco-system, we must not project our biases into selecting life to be preserved as the Creator intended it.

If the earth were to be consumed by catastrophic earthquakes, fires, polar ice meltdowns, axis shifts, even meteor or asteroid impacts, the space station Life Archive which could be used to re-populate the planet by our survivors, be they human or cybernetic.

We may not know at this time how to take a tissue sample and clone it into an viable egg, but this will become feasible in the future. We need not worry about how this will happen, we must only provide for the eternal storage of the DNA on the planet.

Each generation would provide a "Book of Life" of the most beneficial persons in it. In a way, the possibility of inclusion in the Life Archive would promote excellence in behavior and become a social recognition of the highest order.

The security of such a Life Archive in space is beyond question. The control of the DNA to be transported by the Shuttle is in the hands of society, and is beyond the power of criminals and military pressures.

Atlanta, GA
April 6, 1994

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