A Breach of Privacy

By Dean

A breach of privacy seems is seen as an everyday, innocuous event in our digitaly connected world.  However, in certain cases, a breach of privacy is political crime that is destructive and often leads to unforeseen consequences. 

Bill Clinton's notorious impeachment trial and the republican debacle that followed started with a breach of privacy when an unscrupulous woman recorded her friend Monica Lewinsky's intimate details of a sexual encounter, and then used them to parlay it into a book contract.  

Had this breach of privacy not  occurred, we may now not be fighting a fictitious “war on terror” in Iraq, we may have made significant progress in handling global climate change, and our children would have a better future.  We most likely would have been spared the neo-fascists grab for power for the sake of oil and military profit.

At the present time, we are suffering from the reckless behavior of the worse President in US history.  But, let us not despair, history may record this period as the end of the republican’s deceptive warmongering and neo-fascist media matrix.   As the saying goes, "no hay mal que por bien no venga".

Few people realize that everything that we type on Google and other search engines is recorded and saved.  Some "selected” clients are the subject of ongoing illegal electronic surveillance.  This surveillance goes on without a legal process, without the consent of the person involved, and is a serious breach of privacy.  Google.com and Ask.com are in violation of our right to privacy, as guaranteed by the 4th amendment to the US constitution, which clearly states that  "the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation,...". The right to privacy is a wise and inalienable right of individuals living in a democratic society.  

If there is no secret interference, a private act will remain private, and the natural laws of cause and effect will continue to their consequence.  Whatever evolves will be the result of the good or evil karma involved, not the result of a short circuit meant to promote a political agenda.  Sadly, since there is no "privacy insurance" that we all must pay, there is no monetary compensation that would interest the legal profession in pursuing tort  action against these transgressors.

If we interfere with political privacy, we are interfering with what is a just and measured response from  private acts and enabling the debasement of personality politics of calumny and rumor.  We are destroying personalities and assassinating the character of innocent people.   A small breach of privacy may have huge, unintended consequences.   The French are far more conscious of this problem that we are in the USA.  They respect personal privacy as an essential part of their political process.

By breaching a person's privacy, we are in fact interfering with the natural universal flow of causality, with the laws of G_d, with universal justice.  Why is the world so unjust?  Because we follow an ideology of money and power, and lack respect and tolerance for others, by interfering with their private lives.   This is not the Way of to Peace.

Atlanta, GA
Jun 20, 2007

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