Chistians Agree on Bush II

By Dean

I n order to understand the USA under the Bush II administration, we must first understand the evangelical roots of this once great Nation. Bush II’s support is based on the “religious right”, on the votes of good and decent Christian citizens.

Evangelists often state that their power is “the Power of Agreement”. Their power is, simply put, an agreement as to the divine nature of Jesus, their religion is based on this agreement, any other idea is simply not biblical, not true to their doctrine.

Now, Jesus may or may not be divine, but the fact remains, that Christians believe him to be divine, and they have the power of this dogmatic agreement among their brethren as the basis for their global religion. Their power is the power of agreement.

The same could be said about the evangelist’s agrement regarding J. W. Bush. Christinas feel they must tow the line, they must agree, agree that this man is their chosen President, that he has done no wrong, that he is a “good man”, because that is the dogma they have heard from their pulpits, or from the tele-evangelist’s intake programs.

This religious/political agreement is the only way we can understand why millions of otherwise sane and good people would agree to an obviously flawed Presidency, why millions would agree with the deception that there were indeed WMD in Iraq, and that Saddam Hussein was a grave threat to our national security. That Bush II has done no wrong, that everything is “fine”.

No matter what is said, no matter how insane the premise, no matter what!, Christians must hold together and agree, since to do otherwise would place their entire belief system in jeopardy. They do not see that astute political handlers are using their moral tendency towards agreement for political purposes.

In effect, they are confusing their deeply moral agrement on Christian dogma with an programmed political agreement on Republican dogma. If so, the flock is making a grave mistake. If they succeed in re-electing this sociopath, they will cause not only the downfall of American democracy, but also of their own evangelical system.

No religion can stand in the light of the Truth, if it also agrees to what is, in reality, a grave assault on humanity, in the name of fighting “evil”. If the evangelical Christinas succeed in re-electing Bush, their spiritual chastisement will be sealed, by their own hand.

The Spirit is not political, it can not be split, right is never wrong for policial expediency. Death is death, the death of the unborn that the Christians seek to prevent is the same death that they are willing to give to helpless Iraqi men, women and children. The Truth will never change, it will never be defeated for the sake of geopolitics, much less for the sake of oil politics.

But, the vote is secret. In the voting booth, no one will know that we were once complicit with this man, that we also secretly agreed to this WMD facade, knowing that this was simply an excuse to go to war. After all, Americans are no fools, but they do exceed at self deception and social agreement.

Do not go down in agreement with this evil, my brothers and sisters. The republicans may have this world’s money and media power, but they do not have the eternal Spirit. May G_d help you in making your choice this November.

October 7, 2004

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