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T oday Hong Kong opens for all of Humanity a new World of Creative opportunity. It shines out as a beacon of hope, a uniquely universal beacon. It shines as a light of hope and opportunity both for the poor and the rich simultaneously. History has opened a door to a reconciliation of opposites, to a new balance, a new system of things.

What was unthinkable only a few years ago is becoming a Reality. The two major economic systems of today's world will learn to coexist in an economic symbiosis that could save the world for our descendants and protect life on our Planet.

Symbiotic Economic Domains

A capitalist domain and a socialist domain will coexist and share the same territory, that of One China. The interface between the domains will remain a free market system. The free exchange of goods and services between the two systems will allow both of them to evolve into their own optimal state. The free monetary flow between the two systems will allow the dynamic and diverse selection of goods and services, which is the most effective evolutionary method that has historically lead to economic development.

Each domain will have its own monetary and cybernetic system. Banks in the capitalist domain will remain in control of the Hong Kong dollar, and will have the freedom to employ whatever monetary policy suits their domain to minimize supply side inflation and provide for economic growth.

The socialist domain will also have its own monetary and cybernetic system. The Banks in the socialist domain will control the Chinese $$$, and will have the same freedom to control monetary policy for their domain, in order to minimize wage spiral inflation and at the same time to provide for full social coverage.

A Balance of Chin

The goals of both domains are opposed to each other, as in a balance of the yin and yang of the Chin. One is a positive and creative energy of a capitalist domain, and the other is a secure and receptive force of a socialist domain. The creative interplay of the opposing systems competing with each other will provide for a synergy which the world has not yet seen.

Creative people who are bound by the desire to reach success by means of monetary advancement will naturally select to participate in the capitalist domain. Those who prefer to organize into a community, to work for the common good in an altruistic system, will select to participate in the socialist domain.

History has taught us that the excessive creative drive of the capitalist system leads to wide spread ecological damage and the marginalization of large sectors of the population into self defeating servitude. Yet, it is the capitalist system which can generate the best advancements in technology, and the best material satisfaction for those fortunate enough to achieve it. It is the best system to advance creative ideas, to promote the rapid utilization of resources and to enable the brightest to manage World-class efficient business ventures.

The socialist domain has historically been stunted by the fact that it has not had the dynamic ability of the free market system to adapt to change. The centralized planning and control of micro-economic minutia have historically resulted in a system that reacts to change only reluctantly and does not meet the material needs of its people. Efforts to follow centralized planning which does not have a life-centered conscience of Chi have done enormous ecological damage. Closed societies, like closed borders, have no hope of developing in our World economy, which demands mobility and cooperative creativity.

The Capitalist Contract

A person in the capitalist domain can engage in any activity he or she desires, as long as the activity is legal in the domain's economic code and in the Nation's legal code. Each individual's earnings are his or her own to keep, in a personal account in the domain's cybernetic banking system.

Taxes can be levied against his earnings by the domain, in order to meet the obligations budgeted by the SAR's Virtual Legislative Council (VLC), and the Nation's Central Government.

In the capitalist domain, there should be no guarantee of continuous employment, nor of any social service whatsoever. All food, shelter, education and health care must be provided by the individual for himself. Private credit and insurance systems would be available within the domain's cybernetic structure to pay for these needs from providers in the multi-domain free market of Hong Kong.

All net earnings of the individual would be his to spend as he feels fit, by means of purchasing goods and services in the free market system. The amount of earnings a person makes depends on his ability to procure employment in any domain, or to generate his own income in a private business of his choice. A great deal of care must be taken to create direct cybernetic taxation systems which do not depend on the accounting methods of the past to define income or expenses, particularly for corporations, a legal form of individuality in the capitalist domain.

The Socialist Contract.

A person in the socialist domain should be able to engage in any activity he or she desires, as long as the activity is legal in the domain's economic code and in the Nation's legal code. The individual's earnings are not his own to dispose of however, but are centralized in a single family account within a community account in the socialist domain's banking system. There should be no socialist domain taxes levied on an individual's earnings, since all of an individual's earnings are credited to the community account. The collected earnings from all families in the community are used to meet the obligations allocated by the SAR's Virtual Legislative Council (VLC), and by the Nation's Central Government.

Those participating in the socialist domain must have a guarantee of continuous employment, and a full coverage of all of the social and material needs of their family. . All food, shelter, education and health care must be provided by the community, on a family basis. Socialist credit and insurance systems would be provided within the domain's cybernetic system to provide for these needs from providers in the multi-domain free market. A complete pension plan must be provided by the domain for those electing the socialist contract. No real estate property would be owned by the families participating in the socialist contract, all such property would be owned by the community and allocated according to a family's contribution index. A contribution index is a cybernetic score which is obtained by calculating the family's social contribution, their inter-domain income generation, and their political participation.

A family allowance would be made cybernetically available to each family to spend as they feel best meets their needs, by means of purchasing goods and services in the free market system. The amount of the family allowance would be determined by their contribution index and their need for goods and services. A child's credit card must be given to each minor of the family for him or her to chose his own products and services, from those available to his age group in the free market.

Inter-domain Transactions.

The use of well defined and secure cybernetic systems in this economic symbiosis will permit a dynamic balance which will undoubtedly result in peace, prosperity and security for Us All.

Individuals can work in their own domain or elect to work in a competing domain. The employer can be a business in the capitalist domain or an entity of the socialist domain. The cybernetic systems of both domains can accept wages for services rendered in either domain, even if a person works in both domains simultaneously. An E-switch, or payroll clearing house, classifies the earnings according to each individual's domain registration found in his central profile account.

Taxation can be individually controlled from each individual's profile account. Persons in the capitalist domain can pay sales taxes, while those in the socialist domain do not. Identification is done with a smart ID card which identifies the person's profile account and domain selection. Income and consumption taxes can be controlled individually but aggregated by domain. Payroll taxes are obsolete, and are illogical in a socialist domain.

Currency valuation will remain a negotiation issue. However, since the competing systems in effect value each others currency in order to buy and sell goods and services in the free market, each has an interest in preserving the valuation parameters of the other. A fully cybernetic currency trading system should be defined which will not permit currency speculation but will allow for the real valuation for both currencies to be determined. Cross domain transactions will be valued at the end of the day by each domain's financial cybernetic systems. It is important to note that currency devaluations produced by speculative practices in the capitalist domain can be isolated from the currency in the socialist domain, producing stability in the latter.


Each domain will try to attract the best and brightest members to its own, insuring thereby that a new form of selection arises, that defined by the polarity between self interest and altruistic interest.

Some people are naturally attracted to competition and self development, others feel best when they can participate as members of a larger community for the betterment of their family and community. The choice must be left to the individual, when he or she reaches a level of conscience and maturity that enables him to make this very transcendent choice.

A domain which does not have democratic participation will result in a controlled system where diversity is lacking and the rigidity of the past sets in. Let each domain have full participation, let each person decide his or her own destiny, within their highest ideals and the ideals of their culture. We must not be afraid of democracy, we must only be afraid of permitting that which is not clear and participatory be substituted for democracy. The people will find their own best way, it is the nature of Humanity to do so.

The Future

We are entering a new age, one where all of our historical faults may dissolve by way of the awesome new power we are just beginning to harness, that of cybernetics. Human beings can now organize social structures in ways which are clear and participatory, in ways which render Machiavellian power politics obsolete. It is not only the fact that each person can now achieve exponentially faster and more consistently than in the past, it is also the fact that we can define our own social structures in cybernetic networks which will lead eventually to the realization of the dreams of all of the great thinkers of the past, the dreams that were never realized because the flaws of human social psychology. The virtual societies of the future will undoubtedly evolve from what we may begin today, but their roots remain in the ideals of their philosophers..

Let this first Balanced Society start in Hong Kong, let this Great Way finally begin. May G_d help us evolve into our own magnificent and shared Human Destiny!

July 1, 1997

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