Is the Bush 9/11 cover-up unraveling?

By Dean

T his is just a smoke screen, to make the masses focus on the "terrorists", and thereby fabricating a patsy, a la Oswald. If the masses think that there actually were terrorists on those airplanes, then they will simply blame the Bush faction with "dropping the ball" and not taking action, when in fact, the conspiracy may go far deeper than that.

We must be very vigilant in this time of tribulation, where a video-democracy is being set up by the corporate interests to create an illusory political reality. If the masses feel that their point of view is not being validated on the media, they will simply discount their own intuitions about this heinous crime, and accept the socially acceptable video fabrications.

What we have here is the continuation of the Bush CIA faction that killed JKF, and his son, and that has perpetrated numerous crimes against humanity in the name of "freedom". Why do over 79% of the American people feel that there is a conspiracy going on within the ruling elites, since the Kennedy assassination in 1963, and yet they are unable to voice any opinion about it? "If you ain't seen it on TV, it just ain't true.... you must be some kind o-crazy conspiracy nut!"

It is time to us to be bold and lead the way, where others dare not tread for fear of the repressive powers of the Repulikan usurpers. If we don't stand up for our constitution now, we will fade into a video oblivion, where video revisionists will wipe us out of the mind set of future generations.

May G_d help us find our way in tribulation, before the nefarious Republikan powers decide they need to retro-fit Armageddon to con the masses!

Atlanta, GA

May 16, 2002

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