By Dean

I n 1997, we all awoke to the fact that the world is in a video funk. The action, the life, the way we treat our friends, all seem to be immersed in a media reality. We deny reality, since we all agree to delimit our historical reality to that now offered by the video-storians. The video history paradigm postulates that video writes history, and that all that is not covered by the media will never make it past our life, that all that is non VC will die with us. The year was dominated by the imposition of Video Control.

Princess Diana died in an accident that could have been timed by Machiavelli. And then we saw the millions pour out their emotions, in wave after wave, increasing by the hour, until it become a new temporary video-reality. All life stopped, all life circulated around Diana, life became virtual, reality is irrelevant. Such was the height of VC in 1997.

The speculators in the Asian financial markets finally meet their doom, they created too much money and invested in sky risers that have nothing holding them up. The value of their money leaves and comes to the USA, creating an ever more affluent society here. Why do Americans worry about exports, if we can import capital for nothing? One again, it is shown that money that does not work at the base is speculation and will evaporate. A carefully planned infusion of money at the base of society creates wealth by building from below, not by inflating without measure from above. Sharing the wealth is the only way, monetarism is the way of the future, planned, strategic and democratic.

In 1997, Middle Easterners still see peace as a piece of land, as a power struggle with borders and conflict. How sad that the real breakthrough has not been allowed past the VC filters. If Lebanon could achieve peace, so much more can Israel and Palestine, by merging into one Holy Land where there are multiple power structures, multiple domains. Yet it is in Jerusalem where true Peace will begin and take hold, where even the most entrenched adversaries will find a way to intermingle in a free economy, in a new social structure, the Domain.

What about the insolence that is rampant in our society, promoted by the VC. There is no respect for the living space of others, there is only a Nietchzean desire for separation, for isolation into a supremacy of one's own. All others are shown as dysfunctional, bloating the ego of the viewers into grandiose claims. How sad it is that the VC intelligentsia have made the equivalence of mind for power, that the gift of intellect has become the excuse to dominate. We have created a cybernetic elite, a media elite, that is self-serving and self-perpetuating. One where the dichotomy of mental ability is the prevailing power discriminant, and those found lacking by those "above" are relegated to second class, user status. Those inside the cybernetic media, and the viewers who do no more than receive and act.

Most of the World's population is in deep suffering, but it can not see it's pain reflected in the media because it is not authorized by the VC. The suffering of the marginalized has become a silent, deep social secret. Entire cultures are being subjected to survival economies, where crime and kidnapping, where survival violence for the sake of money has taken over. Why have those few who are living in such abundance in those cultures not understood that theirs is an illusory world, They have traded ostentatious consumption for Hell, and have received their karma.

Thankfully, as a result of the VC, the cult of personality reached its peak in 1997. We see more and more people aware of the fact that image is not everything, that image is a thing without them. We are finding new ways to relate to Real people, and we will find new social and family structures which will nurture true Human Life. We must not follow the vicarious life of image worship, the video-voyeur culture where all action takes place inside the box, but where our own lives seem dry, empty and boring by comparison. This is the anguish of the youth of 1997, the despair of lebenslust become videolust.

The wise prophesy of Daniel will soon come to pass. All mountains will be laid bare, all valleys will be filled. The kingdom of gold has passed, the kingdom of silver is now upon us, where power does not shine, but controls by scarcity. Then, the kingdom of G_d begins in the millennium, where the power arises from the feet, where cybernetic structures among the base of society permit the people to rule themselves, without intermediaries, without resorting to pyramids of power.

The time is coming where individuals, families, communities and nations will be empowered in equal, corresponding measure. There is a bold, new future ahead. There is a future where no secrets will be held by the powerful, where the people will know and control their own economic destiny. There will be no more speculators behind closed doors, controlling the macro economy to their own benefit. There will be financial transparency, popular control and real, active democracy.

Because once the people understand the macro economic parameters, they can realize that they can be controlled by way of individual, family and community empowerment. . To think differently would only deny the political reality of 1997, the popular awakening to the power of cybernetic economics, and to the democratic power that they, each person or family; each group, community, church, or political party can potentially hold.

There is great hope, because life goes from darkness to light, from confusion to order, from chaos to program. Educate yourself, find ways to understand your Reality. beyond the VC control mechanisms imposed today. Free yourself to think, to know, to live abundantly.

May the Almighty G_d, creator of life, grant us further evolution, may we learn to steward his creation responsibly. May we all develop into the Realized Beings He has intended.

January 1, 1998

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