The American Neofascists are creating a Gestapo

By Dean

I s the Bush II administration's insistence in not giving the future employees of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) any union affiliation rights or civil service protections a simple case of republican anti-union bias, or is it an extension of the secrecy accorded to the various secret police units in the USA?

The corporate media is putting out the usual "everything is good" pabulum about consolidating agencies, so that they won't "drop the ball" again, as they supposedly did for 9/11. But, as the Congressional bickering about civil service rules shows, this is not about some harmless new bureaucracy, this is about a new secret political police. 

Since the 60's, union membership and civil service protection for secret agents of the CIA, the FBI and the Secret Service have been barred. President Carter, extended such provisions to 47 other agencies, where secrecy was required.

What Bush clearly intends is to provide secrecy to some, but not all, of the future DHS agents, in order to create a secret national "anti-terrorist" police force.  Obvious but to the sleeping masses, a "terrorist" is anyone the neofascists chose to target, as a "person of interest". 

A secret state police is planned for the DHS, similar to the nazi's "Geheime Staats Polizei," or GESTAPO, in order to hold on to power by non-constitutional means. We are at the gates of the fourth Reich!

We must not allow the DHS to become a national secret political police, with vast powers that are not even subject to congressional review. The powers once granted to the FBI in the COINTELPRO program would become the charter for the DHS/Gestapo, under the guise of protecting us against "terrorists".

Bush II 's cynical insistence in having no civil service rules at the DHS would permit him to hire cloak and dagger types, who may have criminal backgrounds. These American neofascists could build a cadre of secret henchmen, paid for by the republican usurpers, answering only to them. Once these "unconditional" DHS/Gestapo agents are in place, any opposition to the regime will become fair game for their paranoid command and control delusions.   

A democratic Department of Homeland Security should be about homeland security and have nothing to do with secret political surveillance, It must be open, transparent and be held accountable by congressional review, in the same manner as the FBI, the CIA and similar security agencies are to this day.  

It would be very dangerous to create a secret national political police force, with access to a national ID card with a vast electronic database, and a huge network of volunteer spies, as planned for in the TIPS system.

We must not give up our freedoms to this neofascist cabal who has usurped the US government for their own oil profiteering. These are the times when our constitutional republic will either show it can withstand this neofascist usurper's attack and be restored in free and fair elections, or the sad end of a noble experiment in human governance.

Wake up America!

Atlanta, GA

September 30, 2002

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