By Dean

S enator Jesse Helms ashames me. This stubborn old curmudgeon represents those values which should have long ago disappeared from the political scene.

Where this first World Nation is developing away from the domination of power obsessed grandiose personalities, he holds on to the past by abusing his own power at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The World ahead is obviously not going to be dominated by a few video savvy actors, but rather by the nascent network of minds who write their scripts. It is in the contest of ideas that lies ahead, never their suppression. Not to allow the discussion of ideas is an un-American aberration which borders on subversion of the Constitution.

Where we are all becoming more aware of the fact that freedom of though is an essential Human Right, he clings to the mind control compulsion of the past, where people were put in prison for the way they think. In truth, going to prison for temporarily altering your mind with a natural substance is a crime much worst than the offense. We need treatment, not repression. The Weld nomination is a symbol of this struggle for our most essential Human Right, that of freedom of mind.

What is obvious is the fact that by drugs we are repeating the history of the stupid prohibition of the 1920's. We could do much better by taxing and controlling the flow of mind altering substances, rather than let them fall into the hands of criminals who then reap the enormous profits from the illegal traffic and turn the world into a corrupt gangster's paradise.

The octogenarian Senator astutely gains seemingly perpetual re-election by granting a degree of vicarious power to his constituency in that soporific state. Some of those resentful holes live out their power fantasies by electing this anachronistic goof to wreck havoc over those that are beyond them in education or achievement. Helms deftly uses the oldest trick of the old line Southern politicos: cloaking oneself with the Bible. Jeez, if you'se against Jesse, you'se just plain un-christian!

Research into his political contributions in the past shows that he has received funds from notorious Latin American fascist dictators, the likes of the unbelievably cruel Gen. Romeo Lucas Garcia (Guatemala, 1978-1982), and others. While the noblest idealistic youth of Guatemala were dying at the hands of that swine Lucas, Senator Helms was his staunchest (and only) supporter in the US Senate. This fact can not be erased from the record, however it never made it past the video censors, and therefore it is not known to the Senator's couch prone constituents.

Being a classic Republican, he protects the privileges of his business elite clients and disrespects the poor, even ignoring pleas from US Veterans of the Gulf War. This is going too far! By insisting that the distribution of seized Iraqi funds go to business interests, he is showing his true color. He is in the service of money, rules by the abuse of power, and dedicates himself to the repression of an essential Human Right.

Does Senator Helms represent the true values of America? Is he a righteous Christian as he is spinning to be? I think not. Lord, spare us from more of the likes of Senator Jesse Helms! Shed a little more light on the Carolinas so that they may see beyond this darkness.

September 11, 1997

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