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The Five Levels of Republicans

By Dean

E lites
: Real American republicans are rich, extremely rich, and have done very well since the days of Reaganomics. Since the 1980’s, they have achieved a level of entitlement and privilege that could only be called a noveau nobility. They own the government, the media, the banks, the boards of corporations, the stock markets, the Ivy league universities, the "Think Tanks". The rich elite employ able "jockeys", as campaign managers are called, to ride the candidates that they field in rigged media-dominated elections.

Candidates: the republican candidates are unusually dumb horse/men who are willing to deceive the public, because they lack any true conscience of what they are saying. To their enfeebled minds, they are "doing a job" for their elite sponsors. The candidates can say anything their jockeys tell them to, since they lack the depth of conscience to realise the value of the words that they utter. Any conscious person would blush while publicly stating bold face lies, such as G.W. Bush’s: "We went to war in Iraq to bring peace and security to the world". Republican candidates squirm in the presence of a person of the noveau nobility (the elites), and delight in licking the boots of their patrons.

Fanatics: The horse/men candidates are surrounded by numerous devoted fanatics, who lack any ability to reason with a clear mind, having lost it to the cause of their fanaticism, usually a religious matter. They are driven to such extremes of loyalty because the horse/man candidate will push one of their "hot buttons", such as being "pro life", or on the "right side" , etc. To fanatics, the fact that the candidate lacks humanity and is one-dimensional and flat does not even get past their filtered perception. Fanatics are almost manic at promoting their republican horse/man candidate, from the pew or from the news anchor desk . They are controlled by the jockeys by allowing them to think that they have "special access" to the candidate, and are allowed to advise the horse/man on matters related to the object of their fanaticism.

Bugi Fools: Sadly, in the USA, there are no lack of burgouis (bugi) fools to act out their primal fears on election day in favor of the republican candidate that has been so ably promoted by their local network of fanatics, at their church or at their job, and co-promoted by well synchronized media campaigns. The elite’s use of subliminal messages in commercials is very effective, since it shows these bugis that there are powerful forces in the business world that agree with them, that they are going to be protected by the nobility in making the obviously Wrong decision on election day.

Lumps: At the bottom of the ladder one finds the lumps of society. Isolated, disenfranchised and marginalized, their only social contact is via the television set and talk radio. These are the "undecided" voters, who will mindlessly vote for the candidate that has been promoted by their cherished media fanatic. They tend to get all of their political opinion from a single TV talking head or talk radio shmuck. Since they never switch to another channel, one could predict the yield of this segment by simply finding the ratings for the most extreme republican media outlets, such as Fox TV or the shows put out by the dredges of humanity who slurp on the radio mikes during rush hour.

September 10, 2004

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