Kerry's Electoral Strategy

By Dean

J ohn Kerry has been cajoled into thinking that the veterans vote is essential to this election, it is not. The veteran's vote was manipulated by the masonic network within the US active duty and veterans to provide Kerry with a quick victory in Iowa. Now, the same masonic network wants to bring Kerry down, using the military as a bait issue.

They are planning to attack him on his anti-war record. In fact, the US veterans are spit over the Vietnam war, and despise Senator Kerry for his anti-war activism of the 60's. Kerry vying for their votes is as ludicrous as it would be for Jane Fonda to "go patriotic". The issue with these Bush/vets is Vietnam, to this day, because they do not consider themselves to have participated in an immoral war to prop up a corrupt fascist regime.

Kerry will never win over the vote of these hard line Rambo's. He would do better following his natural tendency towards peace and morality in our foreign policy, and bring out his anti-war initiatives of the 60's as a basis for his anti Bush stance of 2004. We can not engage in an immoral war of conquest on foreign soil. The war in Iraq is going the way of the war in Vietnam, we will lose the peace, even if we win the war.

Vast numbers of young anti-war voters are cynical about the military, and loathe to see Kerry bow to their pressure. Our young people rarely vote because they feel it is all a charade of the elites, that their vote will not make a difference. But, this election is about a difference, and end to an immoral war, not about a better "commander in chief".

This election is about John Wayne against James Steward, the gut against the brain, the hard stumps against the adaptive vines. Kerry should forget the die-hard Rambos, they are beyond his reach. The Rambos have given their soul over to the warmongers in Washington, nothing will dissuade them. These men are lemmings who have agreed to a grandiose lie, and will vote for a lie. Kerry should represent the truth, not bow to the acceptable big lie.

G-ds speed, John Kerry and John Edwards. This election may be the last democratic election in America. We must bring into the party the millions of "poor huddled masses", and grant them a vision of a better future of peace and prosperity, not a continuation of a cruel nightmare of terror and death for the sake of the military complex.

August 8, 2004

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