By Dean

W hy is it that most people get upset over the fact that others may be thinking or believing in things that we ourselves think are a mistakes. This form of intolerance is pervasive in our world. You can look for this irrational human emotion as a popular motive for all sorts of idiotic persecution and genocide in our history.

Ironically, it is in religious belief we hide the greatest intolerance for others. It is as if we were the holders of the exclusive truth and others are mistaken heathens. What a tragedy that religious persecution occurs over such a dumb primal archetype.

You should always deal with people as individuals, and give them the full measure of respect you give those who are the "same" as you. No one is a representative of a larger group unless he/she is a politician. People and beliefs come in all varieties, and not to tolerate beliefs is as vulgar and ignorant as not to tolerate people because of their cultural or genetic diversity.

Most of the crimes committed against humanity are in name of some hatred or another, instilled by cynical "leaders" bent on increasing their control over those they dominate. Beware of the mental fire started in you for the purpose of including you in the masses.

People have every right to be in error, as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. Who cares how and for what people pray, or what deity they are devoted to? In matters of faith, there are no shared Truths, only individual realizations of the Truth.

Often the more you are isolated from the large belief systems, the better you will feel and the deeper into your own Reality you can go. Common sense is just that, not necessarily the truth. Don't let others teach you absolutes that are the keys to a mind cell.

Seek the truth in all aspects of life and philosophy. Detach yourself from dogma and formalism. Pick only the good fruits.

September 2, 1994

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