By Dean

F rom my standpoint, all politics seems bent on pulling me apart. From this hub where all spokes come together, I feel that the slightest movement will invariably throw some interest or other out of the spin.

Yet, it is the lack of opposites and dialectic that makes this position one of such peace. A balance of multiple dimensions, a perfect wheel of truth where the issues of the day take on their proper perspective, where party is of little concern, and nations meld into our whole mother Earth.

Each political conflict seems easily reduced to it's essence. Each core emanates from the historical forces of power and abuse. To balance those forces is to achieve true and lasting peace.

The split of the individual with the state is over inclusion or omission. The imbalance of the powerful and the powerless is historical, but not determinant. We can resolve it if the poor are empowered with the same tools as those of privileged techno-cultural position.

Nations are formed in order to provide a framework for power and wealth. The same effect is now possible with virtual nations. Why should then ethnic and religious warfare be necessary, when territory for power is obsolete?

The great political split is between the individual as one and the state as an impersonal stream of news and rules. If no access is granted to directly control the process, how can the result be other than alienation?

The steps to peace and prosperity are clear: we need to be free to work in peace for substantive earnings or wages. We need to care for ourselves, our families and our Planet. The road to a society of the future lies in the path through free enterprise. I don't want to split over the socialism versus. business dichotomy. I want to help make a new world where Life is first, where power and it's attendant monetary instruments will serve Us ALL! May G_d help us!

August 11, 1994

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