Bush's Oil War strategy

By Dean

I f the oft stated spin of disarming Saddam is a fabrication for the masses, what then would be the strategic purpose of an Oil war?   Is the strategy to go to war in order to secure our oil supply in the years ahead, when oil becomes a scarce commodity, and its price may be subject to speculation and control by "foreigners"?  

The realpolitik goal of the next Bush oil war is to put in place "friendly" puppet regimes in some of the Gulf states, who would then do his bidding in the OPEC council and keep the supply, and thereby the price of oil under US control, by proxy votes in Geneva. 

The US oil corporations backing the Bush usurper administration believe that oil prices will skyrocket, once the oil reserves draw down.  But, they are mistaken, since any rise in the price of oil beyond the levels now capped by the emerging Hydrogen Economy would quickly give rise to the replacement of oil for hydrogen.    The Bush II administration's own energy secretary voiced this concern to OPEC at their meeting in September, 2002:

Sept. 21, 2002  |  OSAKA, Japan -- U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham criticized OPEC's decision not to increase oil output, warning Saturday that high prices and volatile markets will harm everybody in the long run.    .... If prices get too high and stay there, the situation "will lead, sooner rather than later, to the result net-producing nations want least: early discovery of a permanent, low-price alternative," Abraham said.   -- salon.com -- 9/22/2002.

Clearly, the corrupt Bush administration's message to OPEC is a quid pro quo, "you increase production to lower prices and we will suppress any attempt at moving forward with the Hydrogen Economy".   They have sold our nation's future out to OPEC, which they now intend to control as a result of this imperialist adventure.  Once that happens, we could expect much higher oil prices.  Do not delude yourselves, all wars are fought for power over money.   All other stated reasons are simply to motivate the masses into violent action.  

In fact, the best strategic alternative for the US is to leave matters as they are, and allow the Hydrogen Economy to develop rapidly, in order to cap any future OPEC price increases beyond an economically sustainable level. 

Saddam may be handled best by a palace coup, or by declaring him a genocidal outlaw at the International Human Rights court, rather than by a military invasion with unknown consequences.

To launch an oil war in order to secure our energy supplies is a stupid strategy, which will lead to inevitable horror and destruction, and which would result in the emergence of Hydrogen as our alternative, renewable fuel, once the smoke clears.   Why not bypass all of the needless human suffering, and go straight to the end game?  Our own energy security would be best guaranteed by entering the Hydrogen Economy as soon as possible. 

This is as noble a purpose and as great an enterprise as the Moon Landing, set forth by our last great president, John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated by dark forces still in power in the US to this day.  May G_d wish to see the return of a person of his caliber to the Democratic party, to lead us away from the neofascist quagmire these republicans scoundrels have put us in.

Wake up America!


September 27, 2002

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