By Dean

R epublicans are the party that represent the interests of the rich and the powerful. If you are not rich and powerful, you are being duped by a group of slick spin doctors and social psychologists into actuating a lever or pushing a button in the next election on November 4. After that, you return to potatohood.

These psychologists are experts in the art of mind control with the aid of short phrases and words which they try out on groups of people like yourself called "Focus groups". If the phrase or sound byte gets the right jerk, then it is taken on to the next phase, the campaign speech.

Words such as "strong" are code words for military spending and an aggressive foreign posture, i.e. the button for those untold millions of "Rambos" who like to "kick" people who are opposed to us.

Family values elicit a response from those who are Christian by social conditioning but truly want to repress those who are not in the same mind set. The republicans are the true enemies of family values, because they divide the greater family, the nation.

The "budget deficit" means too much money is being spent by the government on social programs. While it may well be true that an excessive amount of money is spent administering social programs, it would be illogical to think that republicans will solve the budget deficit by reducing pork and militaristic excesses, you know that they would cut social programs. If you want to see what a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget would do, just look at California with their republican governor.

As for bringing down communism, this was the work of millions of people over a span of decades. This vacillating, wait-and-see President certainly did nothing of note to hasten the fall of imperial communism. What did he do about the Soviet Coup?

The problem with Bush is that he is still involved in fighting the cold war, in the form of a covert "end game". Well, he might as well know that the game is over, the people of the world won against those who would cajole them into all "ism's", against the demagogues who would divide and conquer, who feel that oppression is the answer to all ills, as long as they are the ones holding the whip.

The problems that the world faces are not nationalistic power struggles, they are enormous problems that require fresh world views and international action. In my opinion, only the Democratic ticket headed by Clinton/Gore will have the ecological and social conscience needed to accept and implement solutions to the worlds problems.

We must move towards a hydrogen based economy. There must be immediate expenditures towards creating the optimum hydrogen separator on an industrial scale as well as on an individual or family unit scale.

We must create a new financial order by updating our financial institutions by replacing currency with a debit/credit smart card system. If the problem is corruption and lawlessness caused by the circulation of money in untraceable form, then we must take the radical step of accounting for every last dollar.

We must move towards the next century not in the expectation of an economy of full employment in menial make-work jobs but rather with the plan of employing the least amount of people possible in menial and repetitive tasks, with the proviso that whosoever were to lose his employment due to automation will receive suitable subsidy vouchers to complement his socially useful activities, be they a micro-business or volunteer work.

We must make frontiers an anachronism of the cold age we have just begun to emerge from. If currency were to be unified across continents, and work conditions and salaries determined by detailed analysis in the U.N., then with the use of Friedmanesque negative income taxes (i.e. salary subsidies), we can monetize the less developed economies to come to par with the developed world.

If man works only for money, and yet we have a number of ecological and social problems that demand enormous amounts of work to be solved, then the solution is to provide the monetary resources in order to accomplish the work. While money remains only an element of information, we can mold it to our political will and solve our problems.  It must be worked for, not speculated for.

It is not by subtracting but rather by adding to wealth that we can begin to solve the problem, but only after multiplying it and dividing it among those who were left out in the cold age.


August 20, 1992 14:00

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