Audio Sublimation on the SAP back-channel

By Dean

Have you ever wondered if you are hearing sublimations on television?  These are voices that are barely audible and therefore sublimate into the subconscious mind.  Sometimes they come from the people in a background conversation, others may seem to come directly from the "talking head" on the show.  This political psych-op is the latest audio tactic in use by the powers.  There are other methods in use to sublimate audio, this back-channel method is the most effective and widely used.

To sublimate a voice, they transmit the subtext  in the SAP channel for MTS stereo television, or on the back channels of the Dolby 5.1 THX systems.  They are very effective because you can not quite hear or confirm that what you heard was actually said, and more importantly, you can not normally record these barely audible voices, unless you have a MTS capable decoder on your VHS or DVD recorder, an expensive proposition. 

Subliminal messages on television are the butt of many jokes, but they do exist and are being used extensively to control the mind set of the masses.  If a message enters via the subconscious mind, it becomes a deeply penetrating and sometimes disturbing entity, since the psyche can not confirm what it only feels it heard, as if in a dream.  Others in the room with you, who may not be paying very close attention to the sub-voices, will simply not hear them, because their subconscious audio threshold does not allow it.  That is why some people classified as having "parataxis" have this ablility more than those who have  normal hearing.

The media is in a feeding frenzy with this new technique, since it mesmerizes the viewer into a kind of a "funk".  Sports commentators are particularly adept at this tactic, since they comment on trivia or other nonsense, while at the same time, they send out the sub-voices on the SAP "back-channel".  You can confirm this for yourself by simply sitting to the side or behind a television set with stereo speakers.  Note also that SAP is not used in all channels, only those which transmit live content, and children\'s channels. 

You might say I am nuts, but some day you will be able to confirm this for yourself.  I only hope that you do not wake up to a reality that is beyond your capability to handle.  As the saying goes, some people "can't handle the truth".  We are witnessing a covert psychological operation meant to confuse and scatter the democratic opposition.



Atlanta, GA
Jun 13, 2007

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