Unanswered Questions about the 9-11 holocaust

By Vantari

  1. s there any link or relationship between the 20 hijackers and the Bin Laden family?  It is likely,  since most of the hijackers were Saudi nationals, that their recruitment occurred in circles associated with the Saudi elites.  Why have no interviews been released with any of the "material witnesses" that were secretly detained after 9/11?  Who were the passengers on the notorious "secret flights" to Saudi Arabia on September 12, 2001?
  2. The hijackers were not religious zealots, why then should be assume they were members of Al Qaida, whose core is religious extremism?  Do the Bin Laden's hold any aspirations to power in Saudi Arabia, are they seen by the US intelligence community as aspiring to the Saud throne?  What was on the 27 pages of Sen. Bob Graham's Congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11 report that were deleted on orders from G.W. Bush?
  3. The  alleged "master" terrorist, Mohammed Atta, was accidentally heard on an open relay of flight 11 's passenger intercom asking that the passengers "remain calm" since "they [Atta e.al] had some planes", and then stated that "they had bomb, that the passengers should remain calm, and that were heading back to the airport", where they presumably would make their demands.  Does this not add credence to the possibility that the hijackers were indeed used as patsies, and that they themselves did not know that the aircraft were to be crashed into the WTC, killing everyone on board.  Were they told by their handlers that the aircraft would be automatically landed, using  Boeing's 757/767 Advanced Flight Control System (AFCS)?
  4. In his videotape message of October 30, 2004, Osama Bin Ladin states that he had told Mohammed Atta that the entire WTC operation should be over in 20 minutes, so that the US would have no time to counter attack.  In an obvious reference to the Farenheight 911 documentary, he blames Bush for not alerting the occupants of the WTC towers about the danger they faced in the 20 minutes between the attacks.  Since he makes no mention of the subsequent 40 minutes, when the bombing of the Pentagon and of the failed attack against the US Capitol transpired, does this not imply that Osama Bin Ladin was not in control of the Washington DC attacks, and that these were in effect "piggy backed" by a covert organization to the New York City attacks, in coordination with them, and therefore with prior knowledge of them?  Was  Flight 93 delayed for 40 minutes at the Newark Airport tarmac that morning in order to coordinate the flight with the other aircraft involved?
  5. How did the terrorists navigate the airplanes to their targets with such precision? Were any of them trained navigators, or did they train on an AFCS simulator, which is available only on Boeing 757 and 767's?
  6. If the AFCS was used was used, why did it disable the ground telemetry and all cockpit voice recordings? If a guidance parameter on the AFCS is changed, is there not an immediate notification to the ground controllers?  Can the AFCS be re-programmed by ground controllers?  Can the AFCS telemetry be "hacked" by intruders?
  7. It has been reported on the mainstream media (ABC news) that Muhammad Atta had made several trips to New York City, to visit the WTC, bearing a GPS system that would have yielded the exact coordinates to the WTC.  Was the FBI aware of Atta's whereabouts, and did they track him to New York?  Why would ABC news spin this (dis)information, stating that GPS systems are used by personal aircraft pilots for navigation?  Could such a handheld GPS device be used to fly a Boeing 757 "by the seat of the pants" at 500 m.p.h into the WTC?
  8. Where are the "black boxes" of the two airliners which hit the WTC, have they been recovered? Are there any voice recordings of the traffic between the four "hijacked" airplanes and ground control on the morning of 9/11/2001?
  9. Why did the media say nothing during the first 23 minutes of flight 11's hijack.  After the No. 3 stewardess on board called her ground control to report a hijacking in progress, at least 23 minutes transpired before the aircraft hit the WTC North Tower.  Is it not s.o.p for the media  to break in with live coverage in the event of a hijacking, especially on a live morning news shows? 
  10. Why did a FAA supervisor destroy the tapes containing the record of the event as experienced by the air traffic controllers on duty that morning, cassette tapes that were recorded shortly after the planes crashed? What was on those tapes, are there any other copies?  
  11. Why have the cockpit voice recordings of the Pennsylvania flight not been released to the public? Will they be released, and if not, why not?
  12. Where are the debris of  flight 77 that we are told crashed into the Pentagon?  Are there any mementos that have been returned to the families of the deceased?   Where did flight 77 actually crash?
  13. Did a faction in the Pentagon  fabricate an airline crash, when in fact, a cruise missile was the cause of the "terrorist" event there? Was the cruise missile a fall back plan, if the original flight could not be diverted to the target?
  14. Who are the men responsible for the put-orders on the NYSE stock of the airlines, and of the business occupants of the WTC before 9/11? Short put orders were also placed on the German re-insurers of some WTC business occupants, but only to those occupants of the exact floors where the airplanes were to hit days later, on 9/11. Does this not imply that some "ïnsider" knew of the precise targeting of the operation?
  15. Why has the Bush II administration delayed and sidetracked the investigation into the tragedy of 9/11? Why were they so adamant about not allowing a complete investigation? 
  16. Why were the 9/11 Commission's hearings "closed" in their scope? They only focused on the obvious spin that "something went wrong", and sought to place the blame on whomever "dropped the ball", but did not allow any questions into the facts of the events, the timeline, the methods, the coordination of the attacks, the technology involved, the links to the Bin Laden family, etc,
  17. Why has the Bush administration virulently attacked those Representatives, such as Rep. Cynthia McKinney, who boldly called for an investigation into this political crime?   Why did powerful interests conspire to have Rep. McKinney removed from office, by funding a well orchestrated campaign to defeat her using republican cross over votes in her district?



May 16, 2002

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