By Dean

M y readers will agree that, given the opportunity, one could only wish to ask these and many other significant questions of the official candidates to the US 2000 election:

If Global Warming becomes a problem which can affect the health and safety of our People, what do you intend to do to alleviate the problem, and what do you plan to do to prevent any further deterioration of the World's climate?

If petroleum products become scarce as a result of the depletion of the World's oil reserves, what fuel would you promote as an alternative energy recourse for the US economy?

What do you consider to be the economic factors that have produced our prolonged financial bonanza, and why hasn't a similar boom occurred in any other developed country?

Why did you close the presidential debates to the candidates of the Green and the Reform parties? Do you believe that the two mainstream parties can represent the all of the People?

What do you think is the political objective of the military aid now granted under the Plan Columbia in fighting insurgents, paramilitary death squads, and narco-traffickers? Under what conditions will we intervene militarily?

If Congress passes a bill enabling the deployment of the Missile Defense Initiative, will you support it, and why?

What will be the role of the US armed forces under your administration? What will be your policy regarding use of US military power in resolving conflicts overseas? Under what conditions will you deploy our air and ground troops?

Would you support the creation of a rapid deployment peacekeeping force organized and controlled by the United Nations?

How do you propose to help reduce World Hunger and Overpopulation? If we can feed the World's poor, why do we pay farmers not to farm and discard vast quantities of food?

Why do you think that a worker in a Third World country earns a fraction of that which he can earn in the US, for performing an identical task? What measures will you support to bring about better conditions for the Third World's working poor?

What measures would you support to reform the INS, and what will be your policy regarding illegal aliens who enter the US to find employment? Would you support a temporary work permit system?

What consideration will be given to our trade relationship with a nation when human rights abuses are reported there? What will take precedence, trade or respect for human rights?

The medical use of Marijuana has been approved by direct popular referendum in several states. What will be your position regarding the medical use of marijuana?

What will you do to improve access to information via the Internet to all of our citizens? Is access to information a right or a privilege? What is your view on allowing people to vote over the Internet?

And so on....

I am sure my some of my colleagues in the media would ask a multitude of pertinent questions, if they were only allowed to by their compromised superiors, those unseen media editors tangled in the tensors of power.

The mainstream media in this 200 US election is in an obvious conspiracy of silence regarding the most important issues facing us in the future. We have lost the ability to reason by allowing media barons to dictate the agenda to an unsuspecting public.

We don't even know whom we are electing, since we are presented with images of political actors who are obviously under the controlling influence of other unseen powers. There is no significant difference between two dark gray suits, offering a plate of the same pre-geriatric pablum to the electorate.

October 7, 2000


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