The Threat is Getting Wider

By Dean

Y ou need to know that the CIA is no longer just involved in espionage and covert operations overseas, they are also meddling in our political life, using the British MI-6 model.  They are now involved in Operation Steele, to counter the ever widening threat of one man, one single man.   DHSteele is being vilified and smeared for the sake of a cover-up of the political crimes of these neo-facsists. 

I  obviously know something about the company, or there would be no need to go through this campaign of psychological terror and calumny.  Why else should one man have to face the hardship of social marginalization and ostracism at the hands of a covert political institution with a budget of billions of dollars?  Surely they would have found another remedy, by now. (read snuff him).  How dare this man stand alone without any protection or cover, how can he survive this?  Only by the mercy of G_d himself, whose angels are now surrounding us and trying to unravel this ugliness in Heaven, as in Earth. 

I do not act, since any act would would fall into their media power.  If I were to be able to break into their media matrix, and send even a 30 second message, it would surely be edited or transposed in some way as to make me appear either as a fool or as a crazy and dangerous man.  Beleive me, they would not dare to see me on a live broadcast for any reason.  If you are so naive as to belive they would no be so evil, let me remind you of what happened to Ms. Rosie O'Donnel.  Where is Rosie?  The View is back to a hen sqwack without her.

I do not seek fame, I seek redemption, and the media is not the place for redemption, not in this corrupt society.  All we need is to be able to think for ourselves, and to have democratic access to power, so that the best ideas may win, ideas that can save our Earth from the inferno that these moneyed power dominants are driving it to.

I have faith that the entire story of my life will continue to serve as a catalyst to develop the social and political conscience of the People.  Only a People who is educated and conscious can be trusted with a democracy. 

Those ravenous wolves of the republican elites will feed on their flock of sheep, as long as the sheep follow them without hesitation.  Surely, the right wing neo-fascist extremists are running out of complacent sheep. Thank be to the Lord Supreme, the truth spreads like water and goes deep, while lies shrink and die in the dust.

Atlanta, GA
Aug 24, 2007

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