By Dean

I n this New Age where we see realized what was once only a dream, when the World is approaching a level of peace not seen in centuries, we must be bold in enunciating what is America's vision for a World of Peace and Well-being.

Our foreign policy must always be true to it's roots which are Universal values, to those Human values which transcend all nationalities and cultures. The World at Peace which is at hand must be also a world of Respect for the dignity of the Human being, mind, body and spirit.

The World of Peace which we seek to sustain must also be a World where there is Tolerance for the diversity of Life. Where every culture, individual and life is respected, as long as it, he and they respect the rights of others.

Peace must have as its structure the Well-being of all Life on the Planet. We must seek to end Poverty by organizing our resources to provide food for all life on this world, regardless of their past conditions, or present political standing. Peace without Well-being is an illusion, as is Well-being without Work and Organization.

We must harness the technology which is now at our disposal to provide for the resolution of the problems which are most pressing. We must understand what the problems are and we must have specific, programmed plans of action to solve them. No amount of rhetoric will feed a hungry person. We must be radical in our approach to problem solving, since only one full and comprehensive optimal solution exists to each of our social problems.

Lastly, we must act in concert on the international arena. The World is One, and we must recognize ourselves, diverse as we are, as all Human sharing in a common destiny. Our Foreign policy must be coordinated on a scale never before seen, and we are pledged to do so with the auspices of UN, in a renovation and empowerment of democratic multinational will.

Let us go together into the future, with the certainty that we are acting in our Planet's best interests, to achieve that world which is the dream of all systems of philosophy, a World of Peace, Love and Well-being.

May 3, 1994

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