Sen. Paul Wellstone - PRESENTE!

By Dean

W hat a tragedy has befallen us today, as we see in astonishment how a Hero of the American People dies in an accident, just days before an election that is crucial to the survival of our democracy. 

This is all deja-vu for me, since I am originally from Guatemala, that CIA installed banana republic where darkness and death rules.  There, we have grown suspicious of any such accidents before elections, since on numerous occasions, such tragedies are the norm before a contested electoral race, where the loosing adversaries can not deal with their impending defeat in any other way. 

Our democracy is in grave danger of being hijacked by a clique of oil interests and other dark cold war figures.  A CIA faction lead by George Bush Senior is in control of our nation, put there by fraudulent means.  It has now become abundantly clear that they will use any means to stay in power. 

We must not assume that we have any democratic rights, and act accordingly.  We are in fact in a video-dictatorship, where repression is not  used - yet, since media mass-mind control seems to be doing such a  great job on the sleeping masses.

The republicans have elicited a wide and deep following since the Reagan puppet regime by means of their "trickle down" economic chicanery, whereby they grant easy money to well heeled party insiders, who then see to it that their own minions stay in line.  Today, one hears the republican sleepers say: "we will lie, but we will be OK".  Sure, those who followed Hitler also lied, and were OK, for a while.

This is nothing less than an old-style Mexican PRI, with the financial and cybernetic mechanisms in place to grant "cum" to those that follow the corrupt party line.

Rest in peace Senator Wellstone, you will be remembered in the pantheon of the great American Martyrs who were assasinated by neofascists .  May G-d grant you Angelic Powers in carrying out His Creation on Earth. 

One day, we will hear his name, loud and clear, when the People cry out in Solidarity: 

Senator Paul Wellstone...   


October 25, 2002

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