Is the War on Terror a Republikan Delusion?

By Dean

I s the "War on Terror" an irrational pre-emptive strategy of delusional segments of the ruling elite? Obviously, the very careful planning that has gone into the efforts to develop a soviet style political system has a purpose, but what is it? To prevent terrorism, or to hold on to political power by other means?

If we take the republikan media pabulum at face value, we must conclude that their planning and execution in flawed. The continual warnings about terror events are meant to frighten the population, but their own spin meisters, assuming that the masses are as dumb as W is, are inverting their own message. The people are not particularly afraid of terror, as was proven by the last "scare" on the July 4th weekend, because they are in on the stupidity of W's message.

If the control of terrorism were indeed the objective of this national security plan, we would have seen more direct efforts at border controls, at roadside inspections of potentially harmful vehicles, or at implementing a national ID system. Instead however, we see preparations for soviet style internal security apparatus that resembles a vast political dragnet.

Perhaps the true strategic intent of this false "war on terror" is to set in place the political surveillance systems and military counter insurgency planning to "fight" a guerilla war in our own soil.

Their "war on terror" seems like only a smoke screen, to set up a political security apparatus in place, and to enable the US military to undertake a war of counterinsurgency, against US citizens, on our own soil. There are several signs that this is indeed their thinking:

Soviet style political surveillance

The TIPS system is nothing short of a soviet style neighborhood commissar system, where yet-to-be-defined "suspicious activities" are to be reported to the central TIPS command by neighborhood "volunteers". The repulikans want to know what people are thinking, and seem to be planning an Orwellian scenario that would resemble our worse 1984'esque nightmare.

The new Homeland Security Department is setting up close collaboration between the CIA and the FBI, so that "terrorists" may be ferreted out before they "strike". But, one would have to be a child not to realize that the true intent of this "coordination" is to create a huge data base of politically "suspicious" people, citizens and foreigners alike. There is talk of a new "data mining" system, which would sweep mainframe computers and find out every move a "suspect" makes, every piece of information he/she reads, every person he/she knows.

Military counter-insurgency tactics

The attempt to enable the US military to perform yet-to-be-defined "policing" on our own soil points to a preparation for a US guerilla war. The army would be able to perform military operations against "combatants" in our own soil, using whatever tactics they chose.

The US army is coordinating their planning with FEMA, the CDC and other agencies to run covert operations that have been used in the past in Vietnam, Laos and Central America, etc...

The US army is now bold enough to hold US citizens in secret detention, without filing any charges, and without access to an attorney. This tactic of "dirty warfare" has been used in numerous wars of counter insurgency, since by simply declaring a person a "combatant" in the homeland guerilla war, he/she can in effect be "disappeared" and vanish without a trace.


Is this another war over the power over money?

History has taught us that all wars are fought over the power over money. This historical fact has been part of our human existence for centuries, and is likely to hold true for this "war on terror" as well. Power to the republikan usurpers means hegemonic command and control, but true power lies in diversity, in respecting the rights of others, and tolerating dissent.

With diversity, there is a multiplicity of command which yields incredibly rich development, as can be seen in a free market. The soviet style bureaucracy fell due to a hegemonic control structure, with only one supreme leader. Fascism fell due to the same reason.

There should be no controls over free people, as long as the rights of others are respected. We should strive for respect and tolerance, not for command and control.

The People should let the republikan usurpers command and control their "new world order". It will soon become apparent that their old world structures are being rehashed into a new millennium, where there are simply obsolete and redundant. They will work their way into a box, and lock themselves in, hoping to prevent the loss of their privileges.

The military need enemies, and the Bush's are experts at creating boogey-men. We should not fall for their foolish traps, and let them unravel themselves out of the mess they have worked themselves into. No enemy, no war.

Or, is this really only a republikan delusion?

Clearly, all of this planning is in preparation for a for what they fear will be a second American Revolution. What do the republikan elite's know, or fear so much, that would lead them to believe that such an internal revolution is imminent?

Could it be that, in true form to neofascist practice, the extreme right wing elements of the republikan ruling elites are anxious about their own excesses, and have succumbed to a grandiose political delusion.

Perhaps it is simply their own military mind set, which sees political diversity as a threat to their own monolithic hegemony. They see changes to the traditional capitalist system as a threat to their own power and privilege, since they can not see beyond command and control into diversity and human solidarity.

But America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. We can change, we can develop beyond the obsolete economic systems of the past. Freedom means just that, that we are free to change and develop our own Nation into what would bring us the greatest degree of happiness and hope. Freedom can not be conditioned.

It is up to the People to change the minds of these ego-dominates, with patience, sympathy and understanding, so that they may see that a better future is possible for all, even for those republikan supremacists, if we expand our awareness and let G_d's creative powers permeate our political life.

The People should not fall for the republikan usurper's provocations, but simply share a sympathetic smile with those who could not cross the bridge into the new millennium, but will do so, in G_d's own time.

Let them listen in on our conversations, check out our e-mails, snoop on our Internet traffic to their paranoid mind's content, all they will find are politically aware People that have moved beyond their militaristic warmongering paradigms of the 20th century.

All we need to do now is to vote, for non republikan candidates, while we still can. If they trample on our Constitution, they will indeed find out why this is the land of the free, and the home of the brave.


Atlanta, GA

July 23, 2002

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