Tomorrow Triumphant


For several days now the personal belongings of Mrs. Damiana Murcia were found out in the rain. The 77 year old widon of Mrs. Garcia was evicted from her modest home located at 15 "C",street between Third And Fourth Avenues in Zone 1. "
(Radio Journal “The Daily Minute,” First edition Wednesday June 10, 1964)

Perhaps you can’t imagine it,
but here,
in front of my eyes,
an old woman
Damiana Murcia, widow of Garcia,
77 years of ashes,
underneath the rain,
beside her broken
dirty, old furniture,
on the curve of her back,
all the cursed
of the system which divides what’s mine from yours.

For being poor
the courts of the rich
ordered eviction.
Perhaps you no longer know
this word.
That’s how honest
the world is in which you live.
little by little
bitter words
are losing
their cruelty.

And each day,
like the dawn,
new words emerge,
all of them full  love
and tenderness for humanity.

How can I explain it?
You know, here
you can’t pay the rent
the authorities of the rich
come and throw you
and all your things
into the street.
And you’re left without a roof
for the height of your dreams.
That’s  what the word
eviction means: loneliness
open to the skies, to the judgmental
and miserable eye.
This is the free world, they say.
How lucky that
you don’t know
these horrendous freedoms!

Damiana Murcia, widow of Garcia,
is very small,
you know,
and must be so very cold.

How great her loneliness must be!

You can’t imagine
how much these injustices hurt.
Among us they’re normal..
The abnormal is tenderness,
hatred of poverty.
That’s why today more tan ever
I love your world,
I understand  it,
I glorify it,
stunned by cosmic pride.

And I ask myself:
Why do the old,
among us suffer so much
if everyone will one day old?
But worst of all
is the habit.
Man loses his humanity
And the enormity of others’ pain
has no importance for him.
And he eat,
and laughs
and forget it all.
I don’t want
these things
for my country.

I don’t want
these things
for anyone.
I don’t want
these things
for anyone in the world
And I say it,
because sorrow
should wear
its halo clearly established.

This is the free world, they say.

Now look at me
and tell your friends
that my laugh
has become a grotesque grimace
in the middle of my face.
and that I say love your world
and make it beautiful
and that I’m very happy
you no longer know
such deep and abundant

  • trans. by Barbara Paschke.