Tomorrow Triumphant

your eyes are
the most personal things
I have
in the world,
now that I look at them
at length
and the wind of your hands
softly breathes
its faint experience
in my hair.

Their home is
the high point of afternoon
and when
we walk together through the streets
of the new city
I like your eyes more than ever
because along with them
my  distance
al lights up.

on one
why your eyes
are an eternal astonishment
that sings in me
at the deepest
night hour
of all,
when I am already tired
of touching midnight
with the blue riverbank
of my silent forehead.

you eyes are
the most personal thing
I have
in the world,
my love,
but they increase
like no one yet
my desire to struggle
to change the world
and besides, they make me
the happiest of all the sad people
who still live on the planet.

And when I daily go out
to fight,
my love,
your eyes go with me
that nothing happen to me.

And when I suffer
the world in my way,
they are
two stars, very sweet and distant,
that announce to me
with their tenderness
the imminent arrival of dawn,
the dawn for everyone.

  • trans. by Barbara Paschke