Tomorrow Triumphant

you have seen
how the world
has changed
in these times.

How the city
becomes so small for you
and your frantic eye.
How what tires and bores you
hurts and irritates me.
And how you miss,
don’t you,
the lips that awakened
kisses on your mouth,
burying your childhood
in its voracious saliva.

Then one grows old.
And flesh and soul
begin to falter.

That’s why
you should
arm yourself with courage,
and take off
toward distant and sonorous countries.
And return
after having spent
much time and life,
to walk with me
beneath the tall and sweet
jacarandas, so full
of Good Friday flavor,
to see
the weight that goes with me
which now,
despite your coldness,
you still don’t understand.

  • trans. by Juan Felipe Herrera