Tomorrow Triumphant

Never ask
a man
if he suffers,
because one
always suffers
in some way,
on some road.

For example
my country,
I suffer your pain
to the heights
of my soul.
And wounded
as I am
I  cannot
from your tragedy.

I must live through you
because I wasn’t born
to give you
the counterbreast
of my life,
but the most noble,
the most useful thing that I have;
the life of my life
its tenderness and dignity.
If someone
suffers a lot with you,
that poor man
has to be me
I suffer your beggars,
your prostitutes,
your hungry,
your tough common neighborhoods
where the vultures
of hunger and cold
have their nests.

But I don’t suffer you
with my open eyes alone,
but with a total wound
of body,
and soul
because I am, before anything
the great nonconformist
living beneath
everyone’s skin,
waiting for the hour,
because no one
better than the people
that you can’t
ever abandon
the struggle,
nor can you ever
renounce the victory.

  • trans. by Magaly Fernandez