Tomorrow Triumphant

                                    How terrible my age!
Nervertheless, it was my age.
I didn’t sit in it myself,
my only share was to plunge
my footsteps into its belly
trampling the mud
up to my soul,
covering my face in mud,
muddying my pupils
with filthy water
and setting off
toward a future shore,
leaving a footprint,
which in it’s horror
will stink for eternity.
Nevertheless, it was my age.
Pustulant.  Dog-like. Hideous.
Truly created by the wolf.
Truly suffered by humanity.
Destroyed by hatred and death
in the name of love and life.

How terrible my age!

Nevertheless, it was my age.
Men of the future
when you think about our age.
don’t think about the men:
think about the beasts
we were, biting
with homicidal fangs
the bits of soul
we had;
think as well
that in this battle
between animals
the beasts died
and humanity was born,
the only good thing about my age.
Think that in the middle of everything
some of us saw,
filled with cobwebs
and genetic dust
how humanity
was conquering the beast,
and how the future
was growing closer
with a star
in strands of hair
when the beast
beneath the weight
of humanity

  • trans. by David Vopendesta